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Hey, future legacy builder! My name is Kaniyah (Kuh-Niyah), and I am the founder and owner of PTG Design Studio LLC. As a child growing up, I always had a passion for creative arts. No matter where it was, whether at an art table or on my own hands, creativity and art were always present. As a Sophomore in high school, I took a Graphic Design Class and fell in love! Using my skills, I started crafted unique digital art that my friends and family enjoyed. Now, at the age of 24, I can finally say I have found my God-given purpose. Here in my studio, my sole mission is to help female entrepreneurs build legacies for their future generations to enjoy. In doing so, I assist these she-eos by developing brands that convert and resonate with their ideal audience! As a Brand and Web Developer, I am here to use my skills to help my she-eos create a brand, website, or content that resonates with their audience and converts. During this entire process, I strive to help my she-eos elevate their mindsets, so they can become the very best she-eo they can be. Last year alone, I had helped over 100 she-eos build their legacy. This year I plan to triple that! So, my she-eo, will your legacy be the next one I build?

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